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Title: I Remember You (1/1)
Author: Chelle Storey-Daniel
Rating: NC17 - my apologies, I can’t write femslash
Pairing: Callie/Addison
Summary: This picks up the night that Callie finds out about Gizzard ... when she’s sitting on the bed in the dark. Salvation comes from an unlikely place.

A/N: This is a very happy birthday present for nycbadgirl who loves Skid Row as much as me. I haven’t known you that long, but I know that you’re one of the most genuine, endearing, talented and mesmerizing people I’ve ever met. I hope that we’ll be friends for a long time and I hope that I can learn to write as beautifully as you do ... because you amaze me. :) And an honorable mention to callieluvr, who gave me permission to use something similar to one of her stories. You rock. :)

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I'd think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name
And when you needed me I came through

I paint a picture of the days gone by
When love went blind and you would make me see
I'd stare a lifetime into your eyes
So that I knew you were there for me
Time after time you were there for me


The orange number on the bedside table indicated that three hours had passed since Callie’s shift ended. She had watched almost every minute of it tick by, barely breathing, barely noticing. The burning between her shoulder blades was not eased by the damp shirt that clung to her skin and her slumped shoulders only added to the pain in her body. She curled inward, stunned. She had sat on the edge of the bed, in this same spot, the previous night. Then, she had been bone dry inside and out. George had cheated and confessed it as easily as he had proposed ... straight faced, his voice matter of fact. She found it almost comical that she was back on their bed and this time she was soaked to the skin ... but the tidal wave of emotion inside was threatening to drown her.

She didn’t forgive him.

At least she had finally admitted it out loud.

The phone trilled loudly and she ignored it. When another five minutes passed ... where the phone was silent only long enough for the number to be redialed ... she sighed and lifted the receiver, but words did not come. She simply breathed into it ... as if to indicate to the caller that she was there ... but only just.

"Callie, I’ve never enjoyed heavy breathers. What’s going on?"


"Yeah. Mark said I should call you. Are you okay?"

"Do you think it hurts to die?"

Addison didn’t reply right away. "I guess it depends. Why?"

"I’m almost certain that my heart can’t keep beating. Can it? Even though it shattered?"

"Tell me."

"It’s a long story."

"I’m a trust fund baby, too, and we’re on my dime. Spill it."

Callie told.

Addison seethed.


Naomi was enjoying cheesecake when her doorbell rang. She looked at the alarm clock and frowned. It was late for visitors. She pulled her robe around herself and peered out the window. "Addison!?"

Blowing her nose on a wadded piece of tissue, the redhead kicked the door. "Let me in!"

"Not by the hair on my ..." Naomi opened the door and trailed off. "Oh Jesus Christ! Who died!?"

"Do you remember that girl I told you about?"

"The skeleton who stole Derek?"

"No ... *the* girl, Naomi. The *one*!"

"Oh! The hot Cuban? Orthochick? She likes playing videogames, pizza, has legs up to here, black hair that smells like honey, lips like a pout, and brown eyes that you could look at forever? The one that made you want to channel Ellen? That girl?" Naomi’s playful smile faded. "Oh my god! *Your* girl died?! Oh, baby -"

"NO!" Addy shook her head. "Well, only emotionally. She’s emotionally dead! I need to go for a few days."

"This is where I remind you that this is the same girl you left Seattle over."

"I know, Naomi."

"The same girl who never got the message that you wanted more. The same one who got married to a guy overnight. The one that *you* tried to get *pregnant* for because she said she wanted a dozen kids. Am I ringing a bell? Do I need to hit you?"

"Shut up."

"You’re finally getting over her, Addison. Stay here."

"She needs me."

"What about what you need?"

Addison shrugged her shoulders. "I need her. I’ve always needed her."


Mark put his tray beside Callie’s and flopped down next to her. The ‘bonecrusher’ had not touched her food and he didn’t have to wonder why when he heard Izzie Steven’s laughter. He followed Callie’s gaze and watched as George opened his mouth for a grape. Izzie fed it to him with her mouth and it killed Mark’s appetite the same way it had so obviously destroyed Callie’s. The blonde looked incredibly happy, carefree, and ... ugly. She wore her victory over Callie like a smug, hateful mask and the cruelty he knew she was capable of was clearly written on her face when she sneered at him.

"You’re worth twice what she is," he offered to Callie, putting an arm around her. "You really are."

"Only in size."


"She’s a supermodel. I’m just -"

"Real. You’re real and you’re sexy as hell." Mark picked up her fork and held it out to her. "And she is *not* a supermodel. Trashy lingerie is still trashy lingerie and in her case ... it’s trailer trash lingerie."

She finally met his eyes. "What do you want? Did Addison -"

"Want my sandwich?"

Her eyebrow raised. "Is that a euphemism?"

The doors to the cafeteria opened so hard and so suddenly that several people jumped and turned in their seat to see who had caused it. Callie was no exception. She wasn’t sure what she expected to see, but Addison Montgomery was the last thing she expected. The woman was framed beautifully in the doorway, her vibrant red hair secured in a tight ponytail. Callie gasped when she saw her attire. The skinny jeans she wore were tucked into flat boots and the long sleeved t-shirt was emblazoned with the Rolling Stone’s logo. She didn’t know if her friend had ever heard The Stones, but seeing her so dressed down more than made up for her lack of musical range.

"Damn," Mark said. "She’s the one who stole Nancy Pant’s concert shirt! I got blamed for that?"

"Cross dressing on the side, Marquesha?" Callie asked, raising her hand to wave at Addy. When the red head stormed past her, she lowered her hand, "What is she ---- oh my god!"

Addison strolled up to Izzie, who was sitting on George’s lap now and had not seen her approach. Tapping her on the shoulder, Addison said, "Hello, Dr. Stevens."

Izzie looked back in shock. "Oh! Dr. Montgomery, how are you?"

"Stand up."


"Stand. Up." Addison yanked her to her feet and smiled sweetly before she sank her fist into her gut. Izzie doubled over and Addison lifted her knee, planting it in the other woman’s face. George shot to his feet to intervene only to have Addison’s boot find its way to his crotch. He howled and doubled over. Izzie made a move to help him, but Addison was too fast. She got four more licks in before Callie pulled her away and Mark lifted Izzie’s chin to assess the damage. In a loud, clear voice, Addison said, "Well, everyone ... who is your money on *now*?"

"Stop." Callie put her hand on Addison’s arm.

Addison turned and regarded the woman who had caused her many sleepless nights. There were dark circles under her big, expressive eyes and her hair was curling wildly around her face. Her fingers itching to brush across the other woman’s cheek, Addison made a fist, then hissed in pain. She looked down at the cut on her knuckle and smiled. "That felt *really* good. Just ... let me hit her one more time, Cal."

"No, Slugger," Mark chuckled, then looked at Callie. "You take care of that one and I’ll go stitch up this one."


"So ... you came all this way to hit her? And make George sterile?"

Addison nodded, biting her lip against the pain as Callie tightened the ace bandage around her hand. "Think you can back off a little? It hurts."

"Not really." Callie secured the bandage and put her hands on her hips. "In what universe did you think coming here and humiliating me even more would be a good thing?"

With a gasp, Addison reached for her, but Callie stepped away. "I - I didn’t think -"

"No, you didn’t think." Pacing to the window, the black haired woman gazed out at the rain that was steadily falling over the city. "And you didn’t say goodbye either. You just ... left."

Slipping off the edge of the stretcher, Addy joined her at the window, but it wasn’t the rain that held her attention. She was content to look at every inch of Callie’s face. She had dreamed of her so many times, but the dream Callie couldn’t hold a candle to the real thing. "I’m sorry. It was just ... I couldn’t let it slide. Maybe you can -"

Callie turned to glare at her, her mouth agape. "Are you kidding me!? You think I’m ‘letting it slide’? What the hell am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to kick her ass in the lunchroom and hope and pray that I have a career at the end of the day?"

"You almost kicked Meredith’s ass."

"In the locker room," Callie snapped. "And for God’s sake ... the only witness to that was Stevens and who would believe her after LVAD-gate?!"

"So, you let her one up you because there were witnesses? When did you go soft?"

Callie reached out and tugged on the Rolling Stone’s shirt her friend wore. "When did you try to go hard core? You look like Napoleon Dynamite with the boots."

"I happen to *like* these boots!" Addison glanced down at her feet, feeling self conscious as hell. "Let me tell you something ... I left because I couldn’t do another goodbye. I didn’t have it in me."

"Gee, I thought we were friends. You left and didn’t call me until last night. I had to hear it through the grapevine that you were still alive at all."

"Did you call me?"

"Every day."

"Really?" Addison’s features brightened considerably. "You did?"

"Until your phone was turned off."

"I got a new number."

"That you didn’t give me."

"I already told you ... I didn’t have another goodbye left in me."

Callie sat down on the stretcher. "You know ... not for nothing ... you have the distinction of being the first and only female friend I’ve ever had. In your defense ... I have nothing to compare this to, but in my defense ... I just kinda think that friends should tell each other before they vanish. You know? Out of courtesy or something."

"This is not the greeting I was anticipating," Addison replied, leaning back against the wall. "Not for nothing ... I thought you would have given me a hug after you mangled my hand."

"I didn’t mangle your hand. *You* mangled your hand."

"For you!"

"Why are you here? Really?"

"Because I may not do the friend thing all that well ... but I missed the hell out of you and I thought that I could help."

"So you breeze in here like a one girl revolution to fight for my honor and then you leave at sundown?"

Addison hated the fact that the other woman could look so beautiful with her nostrils flared and her jaw clenched. "No. As a matter of fact, I’m here for as long as you need me."

"I’ve never *not* needed you."

Addy felt her heart slam against her ribcage. She had said almost the same thing to Naomi. Saying nothing, she walked forward and hugged the other woman. "I know the feeling."

Callie returned the hug with carefree abandon, clinging to her for dear life. "I miss you, you know?"

"Oh god, I do."

Chief Webber knocked on the door and walked inside, clearing his throat. The women took a step away from each other and gazed at him. He looked at Callie, then down at the bandage on Addison’s hand. "This wasn’t what I expected when I told you to come back anytime, Addy."

"Sorry." The red head shrugged. "You look like you want to yell and this is where I remind you that I’m not on your staff anymore. And it’s not Callie’s fault, either. So, let her get back to being Chief Resident and I’ll go check into a hotel."

"I was never supposed to be Chief Resident. I suck at it." Callie shrugged. She moved like someone who was a second away from buckling under the weight of the world. "I’m not a wife anymore. I’m barely a doctor. Hell, I’m barely human. Don’t stay on my account, Addison. *I* don’t even want to be here."

"Callie, wait!" The door shutting was the only response Addison received.

"Let her go." Richard waited for the door to close behind Torres before he spoke again. "I have to put her on probation and I don’t have the heart to do it today."

"Probation!? For what!?"

"She got pretty confrontational with the family member of a patient who had died. She was in his face, daring him to hit her, and he has gone over my head to complain about it. The board of directors will force my hand when it comes to stripping her of Chief Resident. They’re already talking about it."


"Did I not just say I couldn’t do it today? Or ... tomorrow. Actually, how long are you here?"

"I asked for a few days. I can make it a few weeks." Or forever, she silently added.

"Adele’s brother has a cabin in Oregon. Why don’t you take her there for a week. Maybe two. Get her to eat, get her to laugh, get her mind off things. Maybe when she comes back I can point out that she’s starting fresh and they’ll give her another chance."

"Oregon? Are there bears in Oregon? What about snakes? And bats? Are there -"

"Just. Go."


It took Addison an entire night to apologize enough to convince Callie to accompany her to Oregon. In the end, she enlisted Mark who half carried Callie to Addison’s red convertible. She tugged their luggage and relied heavily on him to lift it into the trunk, then she put her glasses on and reviewed the map she had printed from the local internet cafe. Callie was sitting in the passenger seat with her arms folded over her chest. Addy lowered her glasses and said, "Want to drive?"

A small grin tugged the corners of Callie’s mouth. "I thought you’d never ask."

"Do *not* scare me."

With shocking agility, Callie crawled over the gear shifter, her long limbs causing both Addison and Mark, who had lingered to say goodbye, to lick their lips. They both noticed that they were watching the Latina with the same lusty appraisal and shot one another a scathing look. When Addy saw the dawning comprehension on Mark’s face she narrowed her eyes at him. "Not *one* word."

"You have a thing for Callie?!"

"Shut. Up."

"I turned you *gay*?" Mark looked scandalized, then he puffed up like a blow fish. "Right. Of course I did. No other guys could measure up. Obviously you had no choice but to swing for the other team."

She slapped him, hard, on the back of the head. "Tell anyone and you’re a dead man."

"Can I watch?"

She hit him again and got into the passenger seat.

"Bye, Mark," Callie called, starting the engine.

"Have fun with each other." He wiggled his eyebrows then stuck his tongue between two fingers. Only Addison saw it and her face turned as red as her hair. Chuckling, he walked toward the door of the Archfield, pulling out his phone as he went. Dialing Derek’s number, he waited for his friend to answer. When he did, he said, "You turned Addison gay. She’s gay and it’s all on you. Want to have a drink *now*?"


Four hours later, Callie and Addison sat on the hood of the convertible, staring at their surroundings. The tiny cabin was not exactly in disrepair, but it was definitely not something that two women who were used to living in the lap of luxury would find comfortable. A bee buzzed dangerously close to Addison, who screamed bloody murder, flailed, and knocked Callie over the side of the car. "Oh! I’m sorry! Fuck!"

Callie pushed herself to her feet and said, "Someone, somewhere, took a look at this desolate, deserted, and terrifying piece of land .. and decided to live here. Those same people will likely cook us in our sleep and sop our tasty juices with a biscuit."

Addison had to swallow hard at the thought. "They *vacation* here."

"It’s the town that dreaded sundown, okay? Let’s go find a hotel," Callie suggested.

"We haven’t even *seen* the inside."

"It looks like it will tip over the second we step on the porch." Pointing at the sagging foundation, Callie shook her head. "You’re all delicate and shit, but I walk hard."

Addison thought that no truer words had ever been spoken. Callie had been walking hard as hell on her heart for months. She felt it no matter how many miles separated them. "Let’s just go take a peek."


What the cabin was lacking on the outside ... it more than made up for on the inside. It was pristine, modern, and afforded a view of the Oregon coast that was breathtaking. Callie hit a button on the wall and the windows opened, letting in the breeze and the soothing smell of the ocean. She turned and smiled at her friend. "Race you to the water!"


But Callie was already on her way by the time Addison understood. As she kicked her shoes off and followed, she wondered why she had fallen for someone so much younger. Well, not *that* much younger, but young enough to think racing across freezing sand toward freezing water was fun and exciting. When she arrived at the lapping waves, Callie was already knee deep. "Cal, it’s cold! Get out."

"I don’t want to, Mommy."

Addison made a face. Callie could *always* read her mind. Bending down, she scooped up a handful of water and sent it flying against Callie’s back. She screamed because Callie did, then tried to run because Callie moved toward her with the speed of a bullet and grabbed her around the waist. "Don’t you do it!" Addison cried.

Callie dunked them both under the water and when they came up, both sputtering from the cold and shock to the system, they were neck and neck as they raced back to the cabin. Retrieving their clothing, they headed upstairs with chattering teeth, then drew up short when they saw the one loft bedroom and one full sized bed. "Great," Callie said, dropping her suitcase onto it. "You better not snore."

"I have a deviated septum."

"Mark should have fixed that shit. I call the shower first."

"I’m freezing! You dunked *me*!"

"Hell! Come with me! Maybe it’s bigger than the bed."

And that’s how Addison wound up getting enough shampoo in her eyes to nearly blind herself. Trying to inconspicuously watch someone bathe without giving away the lust puppy thoughts was enough to give her an ulcer. She kept ducking her head and looking away from the caramel skin that was so different from her own alabaster hue. "You missed a spot," she finally said, watching as Callie rinsed her back.

"How can you tell with so much soap in your face?" Callie turned and held the massager over the other woman’s head. "You have freckles! Who knew!?"

Addison let her eyes wander over Callie’s lips. "Have you ever been with a woman?"

Callie dropped the massager, then hastily bent to retrieve it. She laughed nervously and it sounded high pitched and out of place. "Hasn’t everyone?"

Cocking her head to one side, Addy licked her lips. "You said that George was the first guy you ever said ‘I love you’ to. There was a woman ... wasn’t there? One that you loved."

Callie didn’t meet her eyes. "Yeah."

Addison raised a brow. That was interesting. "What happened?"

With a shrug, Callie rinsed again. "Ramona wasn’t as into our relationship as I was. Which appears to be my life story."

"Ramona?" Making a face, Addison took the shower massage and rinsed her own hair. "That’s not a very pretty name."

"Says *Addison*. Who the hell names their kid *Addison*?"

"My goodness ... someone’s touchy."

Callie shot her a look, retrieved her towel from the hook just beyond the shower curtain, and stepped from the tub. Strolling into the bedroom, she dug her robe from the suitcase and tossed it onto the bed, then sat down beside it. With her face in her hands, she sighed. When Addison joined her a moment later, she was crying.


"What’s wrong with me?"

Addison, who was wrapped in a towel of her own, kneeled down. "What do you mean?"

"Do you know that before George cheated on me ... he let me know in no uncertain terms that Izzie was the stacked supermodel and I was the -"

"Stop." Addison put a hand on her leg. "Don’t you dare let anything that little ugly haired hobbit says impact you at all. You have always been too good for him. And who cares if Stevens is stacked ... she’s stacked with shit and so is your husband."

"You don’t have to dog him to make me feel better."

"I’m not dogging him! I am telling the truth! And you need to hear it!" Addison forced her friend to meet her eyes. "You fucked up by marrying him. You made a massive mistake. I didn’t want to say anything at the time because you seemed so happy and so in love with him that I bit my tongue. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to complicate your life any more than you had already complicated it, but now? All bets are off! I’m telling it like it is! You should be -"

"Relieved. I should be relieved," Callie finished for her. "We didn’t sign a pre-nup and I’ve got money. If I just ended it because it was a mistake then his lawyer could take half or more. But now that he’s given me a reason to end it, something I can hold over his head, I don’t think he’ll even try to fight me. So ... I should be relieved."

"But you’re not?"

"Actually ... I think ... I think I might be."


"For the first time since I met George and went off to Vegas with him ... I feel like I’m thinking clearly. I won’t lie to you and say that being cheated on, especially since Little Miss Perfectly Beautiful was involved, is an easy thing to take, but it’s finally over. Really over. I don’t have to try anymore."


"I don’t have to try to be someone I’m not."

"Is that what you did with George?"

Callie nodded. "All the time. I ... I’m not the person that he made me become, you know? I’m not that insecure freak who begs someone to give her the time of day. I thought that I needed to be vulnerable or something and it backfired on me. I’d probably feel a lot better if I had broken his spine and stabbed him with it. The me before George wouldn’t have hesitated to do that."

Addison smiled at her. "You have never, ever been an insecure freak."

"Oh god, Addy. When it comes to Stevens I feel like Ugly Betty. Only uglier."

"Izzie’s not beautiful. Not like you."

"Yeah. Okay." Callie snorted a little.

Addison moved to the left and grabbed her purse. She pulled a wide toothed comb from its depths and reached up, gently tugging the towel that held Callie’s wet hair. She gently sat on the bed behind her friend and began working the comb through the ends of Callie’s tangled hair. "Stevens doesn’t have hair like this. It’s perfect hair. It never frizzes in the rain or falls out of place while you set bones. Before I left ... when you would walk down the hall, if I happened to be behind you at the time, I could smell it. It’s like fresh rain. You know, that smell just after where everything is clean and new? That’s how it smells."

A small grin tugged the corners of Callie’s mouth. "Are you trying to make me go gay again?"

"No talking." Addison worked on the tangles at the crown of Callie’s head now, gently combing through to the ends. "And the color? It’s beautiful. Izzie Stevens has hair that is too blond, too fried, too overprocessed to do anything except lay there and everyone knows that people with hair like that usually just lay there in bed also."

Callie actually laughed out loud and closed her eyes as Addison slipped the comb through her bangs, pulling them away from her forehead. Reaching up, she took Callie’s hoop earrings off and continued, "Your ears are funny, though. They turn bright red when you’re nervous or embarrassed. I noticed it the day that we worked on Jamie Carr. You had your hair behind your ears and you knew that I knew about Mark. Your face never turned red, but your ears did."

When she felt Addison’s breath against her ear, Callie stiffened. Turning her head slightly, she found her lips just a few inches away from Addison’s. She let her eyes wander over the other woman’s features, drinking her in. Devoid of makeup, Addison looked younger, more carefree. When their eyes locked, she knew that she was not misreading the hunger that made Addy’s expression as fiery as her hair. "You, uh, really are trying to make me go gay again."

"I’ve heard that once you go gay ... you’re determined to stay." Addison smiled a little. "Stand up."

Callie slowly got to her feet and felt a hand on the small of her back, guiding her toward the floor to ceiling mirrors that covered the closet doors. Standing behind her, Addison reached around Callie with both hands and pulled the towel open, exposing Callie’s body in the mirror. The towel was dropped to their feet as Addison stared at Callie’s reflection in the mirror. "No," she finally said, shaking her head. "Izzie Stevens has *nothing* on you."

Callie felt a familiar tugging in the pit of her stomach as Addison’s hand wove around her waist and then stopped to play with the piercing on her belly button. Then her hand moved a little lower and she kneaded the extra baggage that Callie carried in her lower belly. "Addy-"

"Hush," she whispered against the back of Callie’s neck as she pushed her hair over her shoulder. Using both hands, she traced Callie’s waist, then her hips, which she held onto. She waited until Callie’s eyes met hers again in the mirror and said, "I look at women every day. All day. You’re the first one I’ve ever lost sleep over. The first one I’ve ever wanted to touch this way. You are so beautiful that I could look at you like this for the rest of my life."

Addison kissed the nape of her neck, then lower on her spine and whispered her name again. Callie stared heavenward, unable to breathe as the redhead’s fingernails scraped across her buttocks. She had never told anyone except Addison about Ramona and feeling the soft, seductive touch of a woman brought it all back to her. She had forgotten what she was missing out on by marrying a man. When Addison bit her neck, she turned suddenly and stared at her. "What are you doing?"

"I don’t know. I’ve never done it before. I’ve never wanted to until you."

"Wanted to what?"

Addison bit her bottom lip as she studied Callie’s face. "When I asked you for drinks that first time? After the Carr case? I was asking you for a date. I wanted to stomp your beeper into the floor when it went off and you did that cute little snarl thing with your mouth."


"Let me finish. If I don’t finish it then I may never have the nerve again." Addison reached down and took Callie’s hands in hers. "I don’t know when it happened, but it happened, Callie. I started to imagine you, me, and Mark together and then I kicked him out of the picture and it was just you and me. The day that you told me that you and George eloped ... I locked myself in the on call room and cried until my shift ended. I was so damn pissed off at you for doing that and for being so blind!"


Addison rolled her eyes. "You’re still blind, apparently."

Callie wiped away a droplet of water that was running over her forehead. "Can you just say whatever it is you need to say and -"

"I love you." The announcement was made with the certainty that it would explain everything, but Callie’s reaction was to remain blank faced. Addison took a deep breath. "I’m *in* love with you."

The only thing that changed on Callie’s features was the slow upward dance of one eyebrow.

Swallowing hard, Addison said, "Are you going to say something?"



"This is ... shocking. And ... absurd."


"You and me? You and *me*? We’re even more mismatched than me and George and ... I hate Prada. I hate Gucci. Your need for designer *everything* makes me want to strangle a litter of kittens and I hate the way you pick over your salad while you do idiotic crossword puzzles and don’t even get me started on the fact that you *left* because I’ll just get pissed again and -"

"Don’t say anything else. Just don’t." Addison stepped away from her, picking up the comb and shoving it back in her purse. "I get it. You’re not interested."

Callie caught her arm and without warning, pulled her against her and kissed her, hard. Her fingers tangled in Addison’s auburn hair as she held her closer still, pressing the length of her naked flesh against the other woman. After a few second, the redhead responded and her hands roamed free as her tongue danced around Callie’s. Finally breathless, they broke apart.

"Oh my god," Addy sighed, her eyes half closed. "What was that?"

"Me being interested."


"Shut up." Callie kissed her again, slowly now, taking her time.

When they broke apart, Addison said, "It’s so different. It’s softer. Better."


"Now what?"

Callie tried valiantly to hide exactly how amused she was. "Why are you shaking, Addison?"

"I - I don’t know. This is new. God, I feel like a virgin again."

Running her hands over Addison’s hips, Callie clutched the bottom of her robe and lifted it slowly, teasing flesh as it was exposed. She heard the intake of breath and smirked a little, hooking her thumbs in Addison’s panties and lowering them, inch by inch, down her legs. Kneeling in front of her, Callie reached up once more to pull the belt on the robe and then with as much care as possible, she let it fall to the floor.

"Nice," she said, letting her thumb trail over the landing strip of red pubic hair. She glanced up in time to see Addison yanking her tank top over her head. Callie bit her bottom lip when she saw the lacy red bra that covered the other woman’s breasts and leaned forward, kissing her just below the naval. "Who puts their bra on right out of the shower?"

Addison, who was struggling with the front clasp on her bra, drew up short when she felt Callie’s lips on her belly. It was the most erotic thing she had ever seen in her life. Callie nipped at her hip, licked a path to her navel, and then reached up herself and deftly opened Addison’s bra with one hand. The other hand ... oh, the other hand ... Callie met Addison’s gaze while she slipped her thumb down over the short curls and across her slit. Then she found her center and put just enough pressure to make Addison insane.

She threw her head back and moaned as Callie massaged lazy circles on her clit. She could feel Callie’s breath on her thigh an instant before her cheek touched her leg. Opening her eyes again, she looked down in time for Callie gently urge her legs apart. Addison complied and Callie changed her angle, moving two digits into Addison’s wet core while her thumb remained firmly on her sensitive nub.

Callie kissed her belly again. "You smell like strawberries. I wonder how you taste."

Addison swallowed hard as Callie pulled her hand away and drew her index finger over her tongue. Her legs buckled and Callie caught her before she could fall and cackled gleefully. "Stop laughing, Callie. It’s your fault. You make me weak all over."

"You should probably lie down then." Callie tilted her head toward the bed and let her go, enjoying the view.

Addison moved like a cat, graceful. The sway of her hips mesmerized Callie, who moved closer to the bed. She let her fingertips skim up the outside of her legs, but Addy stopped her. "Wait."

Pulling her hands away, Callie nodded. "Okay."

"I don’t want a one night stand."

"It’s not night."

"Callie, I’m serious. Maybe this is bad timing. I don’t want to be the rebound either."

"I lied to you. About Ramona. We were in love with each other and everything was fine. Then my parents found out and went crazy. They’re very religious and very determined that their only daughter have an ordinary life. I had to leave her because of them." Callie felt her eyes well with tears. "And I married George so fast because I knew that I could fall in love with you ... I knew that I was already falling and I was scared. So, you can’t really rebound with the person that you’ve wanted all along ... can you?"

Addison flung herself off the edge of the bed and into the floor with Callie. Hands roamed, tongues clashed, limbs intertwined and when Callie lowered her head between her legs, Addison knew that she had been absolutely correct by assuming that it would be the best sex she ever had. It was. It was soft and sensual, but frantic and frenzied. It amazed her that she instinctively knew how to reciprocate, how to give as good as she had received and when they climbed under the cover, they both collapsed against their pillows and lazily stretched.

Addison opened her arms and said, "Come here."

Callie let her head rest against the other woman’s shoulder and put her hand on her stomach. "You know what’s funny?"


"I feel safer with you than I’ve ever felt with anyone ... despite the fact that you knocked me off the car because of a bee."

Addison smiled, resting her chin against her black hair. "I promise that won’t happen again."

"And despite the fact that you left me ... I want this." Moving back slightly, Callie met her eyes. "Are you gonna leave again?"

"I’ll have to." She felt her stiffen in her arms and hastily added, "to tie up loose ends in Los Angeles, put my house on the market, and pack."

"Want some company?"

"You bet I do." Leaning down, Addy gave her a kiss. "You’re going to divorce him, right?"


"And you won’t let your parents -"

"No, I won’t."

"So, we’re doing this?"

Callie looked thoughtful. "I don’t know. I don’t like pretty women ... and you’re gorgeous. And you’re older than me so you’re a cradle robber and considering what you just did to me I think you may be a pervert, too. So ... I should be careful before I jump into anything. I mean, you brought me into the middle of the woods, almost drowned me, seduced me, made me confess that I’m gay, and ... I wouldn’t change a thing."

Addison finally breathed.

Wrapping a lock of red hair around her finger, Callie pulled her forward. "Maybe I’d change the part where you didn’t stomp my beeper the night you asked me out for a drink ... because as you can see ... I’m notoriously easy so you could have had your way with me that night."

"Why waste another minute?" Rolling, Addy straddled her hips, her hands covering Callie’s ample breasts. "We do have a lot of time to make up for."



"I love you, too."

"I love you more."

"What makes you think that?"

"Because I went out and bought that stupid ‘Skid Row’ CD that you made me listen to that day. You remember? When we were shopping for something to give Cristina for her wedding."

"You’re right. You love me more. I can’t love you at all because ‘Skid Row’ is sacred and -"

"‘I Remember You’. That’s our song."

"Not ‘Psycho Love’ or ‘Quicksand Jesus’?"

"For the love of God ... why would ‘Quicksand Jesus’ be our song?"

"Why would ‘I Remember You’ be our song? We never wrote love letters in the sand."

"We are on the beach, Callie. Be patient and give me time."

"You’re a sap."

"I know." Addison rolled the other woman’s nipples between her fingers. "I’d play that song and cry like a baby the first few weeks we were apart."

"Aww, you’re also an ass." Resting her hand on the other woman’s hip, Callie smiled. "But you’re my ass."

"We’re disgusting. We’re going to be one of *those* couples, aren’t we?"

"Which ones?"

"With the song, the license plates, the airbrushed shirts, and -"

"We’re not in Tennessee, Addison. I can only embrace the trashy so much."

"Ha ha."

"You know what’s weird? I don’t feel like I was ever married at all. I did it for the wrong reasons and ... now ... I never thought I’d end up here."

"Hey, you have not ended up *anywhere*. You told me that once."

"I did end up somewhere." Callie trailed her thumb over Addy’s jaw. "I ended up where I’m supposed to be. Well, maybe not so much with the scary cabin in the middle of BFE, but ... with you."

"Who’s the sap now?"

"Shut up. Let’s play doctor."

"I am an expert," Addison replied.

"I swear to God ... if you start reciting your credentials I’ll kill you."

"But I happen to be the premiere neo-"

"Don’t tell me. Show me."

Addison did.

And Callie knew that she would never be the same again.


Finish Line! :)


This is their song:

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  • To the Sky [ensemble]

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