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GA fic: 'An Art Form' (Alex/Izzie) PG

Title: An Art Form
Author: neonbliss (Leia)
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Izzie/Alex, mention of George.
Summary: Picks up from the stairwell/eyelash scene and goes slightly AU from there. Basically how I think the scene should have gone down, and the scenes after that. Written in 2nd person from Izzie’s POV.
Spoilers: Up to 2.03 but of course my ending is slightly AU so that shouldn’t be taken as fact.
Word Count: 900, or so.
AN: This is my first Grey’s Anatomy fic ever. I’ve written lots of fics for other fandoms, but something about Alex and Izzie and their hot close-talking made me want to write this. Also, I suck at titles, so please don’t base your opinion on that. Please let me know what you think, and if I managed to stay in character. :P


“Hey wait, you’ve got an eyelash,” he says and you smile at him curiously. You stop mid-step and let him take the eyelash off your cheek, noting how his fingertips are soft against your skin. You close your eyes to the sensation and wonder why Alex is being so observant lately.

“Make a wish, blow it away,” he whispers and his voice is all low and almost calming. You smile at this – you can’t remember the last time you made a wish on an eyelash. Maybe you were twelve? And even then you knew those wishes would never come true. But still you close your eyes again and think hard for something you really want. You’re about to blow when a nurse enters the stairwell and Alex is back to his evil ways again. He’s yelling at her about some dead guy in 4125 and you want to smack his hand away.

“See? That is exactly what I’m talking about,” you say exasperatedly, and give him an annoyed look.

His face is blank, like he has no idea what you’re talking about and he asks you, “what?”

You sigh. “Why are you so afraid of showing people that you’re a decent human being?”

“I don’t care what anyone thinks.”

“Then why be nice to me at all? Why go through the effort of acting like a human being around me, and then turning into the Evil Spawn around everyone else?”

He laughs at your mention of his nickname. “Because I care what you think,” he says without pause.

You want to snap back at him but your breath is gone. You feel winded, like you’ve just been kicked in the gut and you stare at him. “What?” you finally ask.

You suddenly notice how close he is to you. He was standing this close when he got that eyelash, and yet now it feels closer. The stair railing is digging into your back and feels cold through your thin scrubs. He is looking down at your lips, his long eyelashes hiding his blue eyes from you. You don’t know what you’re doing but you wrap a hand around his neck and pull him towards you. His lips feel like velvet against yours and you lean into him. His body is warm and you wrap your arms around him to keep steady. He deepens the kiss ever so slowly and you smile on his lips when his hand runs under your top and along your bare skin.

Above you, a door slams and you pull away from each other at lightning speed. You hear footsteps coming down the stairs and you both head for the stairwell exit. Out in the hallway, you pull yourselves together and try to act normal – whatever that is.

“So, that didn’t really answer my question,” you say smiling at him. “Not that it wasn’t a nice distraction,” you add when he grins down at you and cocks his head to one side.

“What can I say? I’m a nice guy.”

“Remember when he wallpapered the hospital with pictures of you in your underwear?” George asks behind you. It’s like a cold dose of reality and your smile fades.

You turn from both of them and start walking away. “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

“That’s before I knew you!” Alex calls after you, but you don’t stop walking. You need to think. Leave it to George to ruin a perfectly good moment.

You can still hear Alex complaining to him. “Thanks, man. Really helpful.”

And you smile despite yourself. Sure, he’s the hateful, Evil Spawn, but you can try and forget about that for a while.


Hours later, after the whole ‘Cristina incident, and when everything has died down you find him standing in the doorway across from the locker room.

You walk up to him, clipboard clutched in front of you like a shield, and ask the question that has been burning in your mind all day. “How can someone be so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time?”

He stands with his hands in his pockets and looks at you seriously. You are so close that your crossed arms brush against his stomach. After a brief moment of staring at you, he finally says, “It’s an art form.”

You nod your head, trying to maintain this serious composure, but you end up cracking a small smile. He smiles down at you too and his eyes twinkle teasingly. There’s no one around except for a few patients that went to sleep hours ago so you take a step closer to him, feeling his warmth radiate against you. He raises one hand and hooks a finger in the waistband of your scrubs, pulling you closer.

For a moment you think he might just bend down and kiss you again, and part of you wants that to happen more than just a little bit. But something starts moving against your hip and you raise an eyebrow at him before you realize it’s just his pager on vibrator mode. He gives you a curious look and moves away to check his pager.

“I gotta go, but maybe you should work on getting that mind out of the gutter, Dr. Model,” he says with a grin and you shove him away playfully.

“Don’t let me keep you, Evil Spawn!” you call after him and smile at his retreating form.

Tags: author: neonbliss, shipper: alex/izzie
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