January 29th, 2007



Title: Turducken? (There's Nothing Better Than Turkey, Really.)
Author: Sarah hockeysaurus
Pairing: Addison/Callie
Rating: M
Spoilers: That promo for next week's episode. You know the one.
Words: 1171
Notes: pirateygoodness wanted fic where Callie manages to talk Addison out of sleeping with the help. Um, yes. here you go. ALSO, SHE IS A BETA-ING CHAMP. TOTALLY A CHAMP.

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BB: Cody & Nicole

Security Blanket [4/?]

Title: Security Blanket [4/?]
Rating: PG-13 in this chapter. Angst.
Pairing: George/Izzie, George/Callie, Meredith/Derek, Burke/Christina, Alex/Addison, and others to be revealed as we go along. This is all subject to change. Lots of the varied friendships in here. ;D
Summary/Author's Note: George drops a bombshell on his friends. Some deal with it better than others. AU. Essentially canon up to Great Expectations.

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"You could be happy, and I hope you are."

Title: "You Could Be Happy"
Author: Bleu (Friend me!)
Rating: PG-13
A one-shot, post-divorce Addek story, set after all the fighting and "I never want to see you again" of episode 3.05. Inspired by the loves of my life, Snow Patrol, and their song of the same name.

So you should know, I'm a chronic Addek fan. Most of the time, I acknowledge their failings and live in pain. But then, I get bouts of loving them and wishing things could be different. Couple that with the amazingly beautiful angst of Snow Patrol, and you get fics like this. So enjoy my indulgence.

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gen: book and glasses.

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Title: Flaws In Science
Rating: PG.
Summary: Ah, you know what I did? I updated. Twice actually. And then I forgot. So I bring you two chapters of the Mark and Derek saga: one from the past and one from the present (chapters three and four respectively) in which the boys attempt to deal with life, at nine and then at thirty-something. Mark/Addison/Derek centric.