December 29th, 2007

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Title: Don't Let Go (1/1)
Author: Chelle Storey-Daniel
Pairing: Mark/Callie
Rating: NC17
Summary: Callie and Mark become friends ... then more. And there's a little sweet revenge along the way. :)
A/N: To vietangel80 for helping me with the smut and for being such a wonderful person. To _nigella_, tv_junkie118 ,greys_addict, callieluvr and nycbadgirl ... because the world has a shortage of cool people and these are a few of the good ones.

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Brighter Than Sunshine, Chapters 2-5

Title: Brighter than Sunshine
Author: whaddyasay
Rating: K+ to T
Summary: Love is brighter than sunshine. Meredith and Derek finally realize what love is about, and they will try to do everything to hold on to it. Inspired by Aqualung's Brighter Than Sunshine and follows after the ferryboat arc.
Disclaimer: I do not own and I am not affiliated to Grey’s Anatomy or any characters used in this story. I am simply using this for non-profit fiction. I also don’t own Aqualung’s song, Brighter Than Sunshine.

Tied Up In Ancient History
Love Burns Brighter Than Sunshine
I Never Saw It Happening
Suddenly You Seemed So Right

First Chapter here: I Never Knew What Love Was For

One more chapter before I finally finish this. Yay. :)

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Title ; Detox
Paring ; Addison/Burke
Rating ; PG so far
Summary: 'I will do this with your blessing, and without any thought or memory, you will never compromise us.'
All mistakes are my own.
// Ch3 //

Goodies (1/3)

Title: Goodies (1/3)
Raiting: NC-17 for sexual content
Summary: PWP FTW! [Slightly AU] Three-shot.
Pairing(s): Mark/Callie
A/N: This is like... a sequel to Late Dawns and Early Sunsets. Or a pre-sequel to My Love.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

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Jersey Booty

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Title: Where the Girls Were (1/1)
Characters: Callie/Addison, mention of: Callie/George, Callie/Mark, Addison/Derek, Addison/Mark
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They belong to Shonda. I am not Shonda. Feel free to pretend that I am Shonda and this is what really happened because you SO know it did.
Summary: This is what I choose to believe happened after Where the Boys Are, 3.07. You just KNOW they were about to kiss in that hallway before Callie’s pager went off.  (Yeah, it's not great, I know, but I was on a mission!)

A/N: This is dedicated to Chelle aka 

burningeden on her 18th birthday! (right? heh.) Sorry it took me so long to get this up, girl. This thing took me forever!




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