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Good Life (3/?)

Title: Good Life (3/?)
Author: ciaosadie
Pairing: All cast, Multiple pairings
Rating: M
Summary: Sometimes there's bullshit that don't work now.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.
Spoilers: This fic takes place post-season seven finale. Everything is relevant until that point. This fic will contain spoilers.

One - Meredith

Two - Alex

“She is turning one!”

“Arizona will be upset...”

“We can’t do everything off of Arizona’s needs...”

Callie stonily glared at Mark, they were not supposed to argue about the ‘other’ parent. Those were considered cheap shots. Cheap shots were not allowed. They were all on an equal playing field and cheap shots were considered negative points. They glared at each other for a moment longer and finally relinquished.

“Fine, she doesn’t need a pony.” Mark conceded and muttered darkly, he bet that Callie had a pony at her birthday parties. His poor daughter would not be met with all of her needs. There was nothing wrong with spoiling her. She was the only kid that he was allowed to spoil. He was not given the chance with Sloan. Mark silently admitted that he was attempting to compensate, “No, she needs the pony.”

“I agree with .. Mark.” Carlos Torres replied and waved at his granddaughter through the computer. She sat in her high chair and scooped up spaghetti with her spoon. When it wouldn’t all go onto her spoon, Sofia began to pick it up with her fingers. Her face was splattered red with sauce but she was grinning.

Callie sighed heavily and glared at her father, “Papi, she is turning one! What will she do with a pony? She will just be scared of it! And what other kids will we invite?”

Mark shot her a ludicrous look, “Torres, she is in a play group. I think, we got the invitees covered. What about Bailey’s kid? Tuck... Tucker... Tuckey. Whatever. He’ll go around it a few times.”

“Someone else had a pony.” Carlos Torres interjected with a smug smirk, “I didn’t hear any complaints then.”

“Aye! Fine, but you...” She pointed at Mark and glared, “are telling Arizona.”

Shrugging, Mark smiled and relaxed back into the chair. He could do that. He would drop it on Arizona a few seconds before the pony arrived. She would be busy doing something and else. It would be too late and things would be settled. It was all about delivery. Mark was good about delivery. Grinning, he leaned over to Sofia and kissed her forehead, “Did you hear that, Sofia? You’re getting a pony.” Sofia made a ‘quack’ noise and they laughed. Well, they would need to work on the animals.

“We could just have at a petting zoo!” Callie interjected and grinned.

Mark’s brow rose and he glanced at the computer. Carlos was anxiously shaking his head, he made some sort of gesture with hand. Mark knew that it was best just to take the man’s advice. He knew what was best. Mark fully believed that the man had thrown a few wild parties in his day. None which included a petting zoo. Stretching across the table, Mark patted Callie’s hand and smiled charmingly, “Maybe, next year, Callie. When she can at least identify them, yeah?”

Callie nodded and scratched it off her list, “We need to send out invitations.”

He agreed, “And a cake.”

She sighed, “And a cake.” Turning toward the computer screen, “Are you and ... well, are you coming?”

Carlos looked almost offended at the question. No! Correction. He looked absolutely offended at the idea that he would miss his granddaughter’s first birthday party. Nodding, Carlos glanced over his shoulder and yelled at something in Spanish. The language moved fluently and hurriedly, he moved away from the computer but sat down a few moments later, “Yes, yes, I’ll be there. I must go, Calliope. Mark, we’ll speak later. Bye-bye, Sofia.” He clicked away and signed off.

Narrowing her eyes, she looked skeptically at Mark. Her father and Mark were far too chummy. Not that she complained. It was nice to see the two agreeing, but what could her father have to possibly say to Mark? She stretched back in the chair. Mark wiped Sofia’s mouth and took away the bowl. Callie handed him a wet towel and he washed away the sauce from Sofia’s hands. They had a routine. There were three days that they both had the day off. They spent the day together and always with Sofia. They tried to practice parental bonding as much as possible.

Lifting Sofia from the chair, Mark placed her feet on the table. He shook her hands and began to wiggle his shoulders. He sang ‘Pretty Woman’ quietly and Sofia shook her little hips to the beat. Mark wiggled her hands. She hopped on the table. Callie wanted to scold them, but it was adorable to see her daughter dancing with her father. She giggled and shook her little body with each rasp of Mark’s word. Ruffling her dark hair, Callie stood and kissed her daughter’s forehead.

“I don’t get a kiss?” Mark asked and wiggled his brows.

Callie rolled her eyes and reached to smack him, but stopped herself. They stopped playfully hitting one another now, because it taught Sofia bad manners. They refused to let her go to school and hit other kids. Instead, Callie lightly stroked his hair and reached down to the back of his neck. When she met skin, Callie pinched him - hard. “Good for you,” She asked sweetly.

Mark hissed at the sudden twinge to his neck, he narrowed his eyes and grit his teeth, “Funny.”


The sudden outburst caught them both off-guard. They stared at one another and then slowly their eyes turned to Sofia. She was grinning at them and then giggled. Sofia jumped on the table and shouted it again, “FUCK!” Bouncing, she went to say it again and Mark gently clapped a hand over his daughter’s mouth. When she licked his hand, Mark promptly removed it and wrinkled his face, “She licked me.” Callie rolled her eyes and waited anxiously. She tried not to stare. She didn’t want to indulge her daughter and shine this new ‘word’ with attention. The baby books said they shouldn’t do that.

Placing her on the ground, they watched as she scurried to her bedroom. Her small legs seemed so unsteady. When she ran, Callie was terrified that she would fall flat on her face. She had done so many times, but she hadn’t done so yet. Callie sat down opposite of Mark. They waited, they knew that she was in her bedroom. All the other rooms were safely blocked off with baby gates. They could hear the sounds of her favorite doll as it cooed and sang. Then, suddenly...


Mark stared hard at Callie.

She met his gaze and glared icily at him.

“What have you been watching while she stayed with you!?” Callie accused icily in a hushed yell.

Mark snorted, “Oh, that is rich! I didn’t know Barney used the f-word. No, maybe it was Dora. Oh, better yet, it could had been Baby Einstein.” He rolled his eyes, he hadn’t seen a “grown-up” movie in ages. Sofia slept in his bed when she visited and they always watched what she wanted to. Last week, they had watched Megamind. That was the first time that he had heard Tina Fey’s voice in a year.

“You... you watch that with her?”

Mark began to stand, he wasn’t going to listen to this! His jaw grew prominent and hands grew into fists, “Why wouldn’t I? It was what Sofia’s likes, what my daughter likes..”

Callie sighed, she had put her foot in her mouth - again - “Mark, I am sorry. Sit down.” She paused, “C’mon, please.”

Running a hand through her hair, she watched as Mark sat down, “I don’t know where she heard it. I- we are both so careful.” They both winced as Sofia began singing, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck!”

Mark glanced at the table and began to trace the grooves of it, “I didn’t say it. I know I didn’t.”

Callie nodded and her eyes widened, “She... uh, I know. We .. I’ll handle it.”

He was curious but somehow, Mark wasn’t sure that he wanted to know. Shrugging, he let it go. Dual-parenting. He had to let some things go.

“Thanks, Mark.” Callie replied and grinned.

He grinned in return. Standing, he kissed her forehead, “I am heading in. Sofia, come give Daddy kisses...”

The sound of her feet clamored down the hall made them both grin. That was until, they heard her quietly giggling and saying, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

They groaned in unison.

"We need to fix that before her party," Callie muttered.

"Before, your dad gets here anyway..." Mark deadpanned.

Callie groaned, she was fucked.

Tags: author: ciaosadie, character: arizona, character: callie, character: cast, character: mark, character: meredith, shipper: hunt/cristina, shipper: mark/callie, shipper: meredith/derek

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