waltzmatildah (waltzmatildah) wrote in ga_fanfic,

SweetTart Cyber Punk [Izzie + George (+ Cristina)]

Title | SweetTart Cyber Punk
Characters | Izzie + George (+ Cristina). Brief mentions of Meredith and Alex.
Rating | PG
Word Count | 1150
Summary | Every Tuesday and every second Thursday, just before seven in the evening, Cristina disappears from the hospital.
Disclaimer | At my user info. page
Author’s Note | The closest I've come to writing crack!fic in a loooong time. For safertohateher and her prompt at the Dearly Departed Dance It Out comment ficathon.

They’re interns for almost three months before Izzie starts to see the pattern emerge.
Tags: author: waltzmatildah, character: cristina, character: george, character: izzie
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