waltzmatildah (waltzmatildah) wrote in ga_fanfic,

To the Sky [ensemble]

Title | To the Sky
Characters | Izzie, Lexie, Mark, George, Erica, Adele, Derek (also, Cristina, Burke, Charles, Lucy, Reed, Denny and Doc, strongly implied past Alex/Izzie and Meredith/Derek)
Word Count | 1700
Rating | PG-13 (some profanity)
Summary | Derek arrives in The After.
Author’s Note | This was supposed to be crackfic. It went the way of most crackfics I attempt, and by that I mean, this is probably angstier than intended. Disclaimer at my user info page.

Maybe, in another life, I could find you there…
Tags: author: waltzmatildah, character: burke, character: cristina, character: denny, character: derek, character: george, character: hahn, character: izzie, character: lexie, character: lucy, character: mark, character: percy, character: reed, shipper: alex/izzie, shipper: burke/cristina, shipper: derek/meredith

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