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Title: Kissing Chaos (16/??)
Author: Chelle Storey-Daniel
Rating: This part nc-17
Summary: Making amends can be the hardest thing in the world. But sometimes the chaos is worth it.
Pairings: Alex/Addison George/Callie Meredith/Derek implied



Addison hovered for a while beside Callie. When she was convinced that her friend would indeed make a full recovery, she sat down and listened to George and Alex brainstorm over all the possible culprits in the hit and run. They had arrived at the conclusion that it had to be someone in Roy Porter’s family. It was a good theory, one that she could get behind, but her nose was throbbing too much to tell them so. She shifted uncomfortably in the wheelchair and knocked her crutches, which she had leaned against the arm, into the floor.

The noise was terrible and Addison covered her mouth, afraid that Callie would bolt upright in the bed. Nobody moved a muscle for several seconds, and to their surprise, neither did Callie. Addison covered her face and said, "Sorry."

George, who was nearest the crutches, retrieved them for her and said, "How are you holding up?"

"Exactly how you’d expect." She decided to hang onto the crutches and braced them between her legs. "I hate this."

"You ready to go?" Alex asked her, wheeling her back a little so he could brush her hair off her face. "You’ve got to be tired."

"I hate to leave," she replied, glancing back at Callie. "I mean, if she wakes up-"

"I’m going to be here all night." George told her. "And those cops are still right outside the room."

Chief Webber suddenly appeared, handing Addison a piece of paper. "You’re going to thank me for this."

Addison could have cried when she read the prescription. "Percocet 7.5/325. You’re a God among men, Richard."

"That’s what I keep saying." The chief winked at her, then listened to Callie’s heart. "Dr. Burke wants another EKG for comparison. We’re going to wheel her up to a private room after that."

"How’s her lung?" George asked, watching as Webber moved the stethoscope.

"There are still some diminished breath sounds, but it’s not as bad as it was. I’m pleased with the progress." Glancing up at the monitor that displayed Callie’s blood pressure, he nodded. "Very pleased. It could have been much worse."

When Richard left the room, George stood and pulled Callie’s cover back up, letting his palm rest against her chest. He could hear the steady beating of her heart on the monitor behind him, but he needed to feel it. Leaning down, he kissed her softly and smiled when she burrowed into the cover a little.

Addison watched the exchange and then glanced at Alex, who was grinning a little. He caught her looking at him and said, "I was just thinking that O’Malley would have been a great nurse."

"Sure you were," Addison laughed. "You couldn’t possibly have been thinking how cute they are."

"The pharmacy closes in about thirty minutes," Alex replied, clearing his throat.

After Addison made it very clear that George was to notify her immediately if anything changed, she let Alex wheel her down the hallway. A light rain had begun to fall so Alex took her crutches with him as he retrieved the car. She waited patiently, making small talk with one of the nurses until he drove under the parking canopy. He carried her out of the hospital, gently sliding her into the seat. He fastened her seatbelt, using the opportunity to steal a quick kiss. "They may be a little cute."

"I thought so," Addison wiped a droplet of rain from his face. "We’re cuter."

"Oh, we’re so cute it’s revolting." He closed her door and hurried around the car, trying to make it to the pharmacy in time.

As chivalrous as he was undoubtedly trying his damnedest to be, there was no way Alex could avoid the intersection where the accident had happened. When he approached, he reached over and squeezed her hand. "You okay?"

"Yeah. You know, we were laughing when it happened. We were having a great time together."

"And you will again. Torres is fine."

"I know. I know you’re right, but do you know what she said? Right before it happened?"

"Tell me."

"She said I should seize every moment like it’s my last and that later wasn’t a guarantee." Addison turned a little in her seat, looking at him. He had been wonderful to her through everything, surprising her with a softer side she never would have believed he possessed. She had peeled enough of his layers to know that she wanted what was inside. She wanted his heart. "So, even though I can barely see you, Alex, I can see forever, too."

He grinned. He grinned so big that his cheeks hurt. "It’s an incredible view, isn’t it?"

"Yes," she replied honestly. "It really is."

"Torres is wise. Remind me to thank her."

"Smart, she is. Learn much from her, you will."

"Oh my god! You’re beautiful *and* you like Star Wars? My god, I’ve hit the mother load!"

"Yes, you have and you better appreciate it, Mister!"

"Trust me, I do." He turned the blinker on, pulling into the pharmacy's parking lot. He left the car running, kissed her hand and said, "I better hurry."

"They have my insurance on file. Here, let me give you my credit card."

"I think I can get it."

He ran across the parking lot and she smiled, watching his athletic body. There was no doubt about it - Alex Karev was a gorgeous man. She leaned forward, scanning the stations on the radio. A lump formed in her throat when the song that Callie had sang so beautifully began to play. She could have easily lost the best friend she’d ever had in the wreck and that fact wasn’t lost on Addison. Something else Callie had said to her was stuck in her mind. Callie said that if Alex was worth holding onto, Addison should hold on with both hands. Something told Addison that she would *need* both hands firmly on the wheel if she was taking the ride with Alex, but it was worth it. It’s what she wanted.

She almost jumped out of her skin when someone tapped on her car window. An old man peered in at her, holding up a empty jar. He wanted money. She glanced at his sodden clothing, at the dirt streaks on his face, and motioned for him to wait. She grabbed her purse from the floor board and dug a twenty out of her wallet. She lowered her window just enough to slip it through and the man smiled at her, thanking her profusely.

Alex grabbed the man a second later, slamming him up against the brick exterior of the building. "What the hell are you doing?" he yelled.

"Please," the old man cried. "She gave it to me! I didn’t steal it!"

Addison quickly opened the car door, screaming at Alex to stop. She couldn’t reach her crutches so she couldn’t intervene, but she braced herself on the car enough to stand. "Alex! Are you insane!?"

Alex glared down at the old man, seeing the fear on his wrinkled face. He released him, righting the raggedy jacket on the man’s shoulders. "I’m sorry, dude. I thought you were someone else. Go on."

As quickly as his worn feet would carry him, the old man hurried away, not looking back at Addison. Alex did look at Addison and instantly regretted it. She was furious, her face was red, her lips were pursed. He bent down, retrieving the bags that contained his purchases and quickly walked around her, putting them in the backseat. A second later, he was standing next to her, empty handed. "Let me help you back in."

"You want to tell me what the hell that was?"

"Did you not hear what that officer said? He said you shouldn’t be alone until they figure out who’s trying to off Torres. That means that whoever did it could come after you, too. I didn’t know who that man was! I saw him and instantly figured he was the perp."

"The perp?"


"Clearly, you watch too much CSI."

"Hell, there’s nothing else on Thursdays nights! Now, let me help you." He eased her back into the seat and fastened her belt again. "So, I’m forgiven?"

"You can’t just attack people. You can’t protect the world, Alex."

"Screw the world. I just want to protect you."

When they arrived at Alex’s apartment, he carried her in first, letting her unlock the door for them. He left her on the sofa and hurried back outside, retrieving the bags. He smiled at her when he sat them on the coffee table and dug inside. "Cherry Garcia ice cream, Hershey Kisses, Percocet, warming massage oil, and bubble bath. Oh! And would you look at that?" He pulled a small stuffed bear from the bag and handed it to her. "He jumped in when I wasn’t looking."

"You know, I’m starting to believe that the tough guy routine is just an act." Addison smiled when she realized that the bear was wearing light blue scrubs. "My very own intern."

"You already have one," he said. "You want ice cream now?"

"Percocet first, ice cream later."

He handed her the pill bottle and grabbed a bottle of water from the kitchen. When she had swallowed it down, he sat next to her. "Want to take a bath?"

She glanced down at her blood spattered clothing and sighed. "I need to. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share a t-shirt or something?"

"Well, I prefer you not wearing anything, but you can have anything of mine you want to wear."

Addison was unwrapping her fifth Kiss when he returned from the bathroom, telling her that it was ready. She popped it in her mouth and grinned a little. "S’good."

Leaning down, he kissed a smear of chocolate off her lip. "Yes, it is."

"Mm." She raised her eyebrow a little, studying his face. "Yes, it is."

"Come on before you distract me." Lifting her easily, he carried her into the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. He eased her shirt over her head and gently unfastened her bra, letting it skim over her arms. She held onto him around the neck as he helped her stand and enjoyed the way he fumbled with the button on her pants. He finally got it, and slipped her pants and panties over her hips, easing her back onto the toilet.

"Uh-" She chewed her bottom lip and glanced up at him. "I need to-"

He nodded and stepped into the hallway, closing the door behind him. She relieved her bladder, sighed with relief, and flushed the toilet. He reappeared almost instantly and placed her into the warm, soothing water. The bubbles almost reached the rim, covering her completely. "Damn," he said. "Why the hell did I block the view?"

"Leaves more to the imagination."

"Imagination is for kids." He rolled up a hand towel and eased it behind her neck as she laid back, then wet a cloth and soaped it.

Addison’s eyes popped open when he began bathing her neck and shoulders. "Uh, what are you doing?"

"I can’t see it so I figure I’ll touch it." He washed down her arm, massaging her hand with the rag. "You’re not in any shape to get to those hard to reach areas."

"I can take a bath, Alex."

"I can bathe you, Addison."

"Fine. But I’m telling George that you’re a better nurse than he is." It wasn’t hard for her to give in. She closed her eyes again, enjoying the way all her blood seemed to rush to whatever area of her body he touched.

Alex massaged across her breasts with the rag, then down her stomach. She parted her lips and gasped when he barely skimmed the thatch of curly red hair at the apex of her thighs. Holding her breath in anticipation, she expected him to move lower, but he didn’t. Instead, he pulled away, soaping the rag again. He lifted her uninjured leg and washed her foot, chuckling when he discovered that she was very ticklish. That factoid was committed to memory as he gently lifted the hurt leg and repeated the process, careful with her knee.

It shocked her, how her body responded to his touch. Her breathing intensified, her toes curled, a fluttering began in her stomach and worked its way to her center. She arched her back against his hand when the rag brushed across her lower belly. "Alex-"

"I should wash your back, huh?"

"I think you may have missed a few spots on the front."

"I’m pretty sure I got it all."

"I’m pretty sure you didn’t."

"I’m pretty sure that this water is going to get cold before we know it."

"Damn it."

Reluctantly, she let him pull her up and moaned with pleasure as he massaged the soap into her back, kneading her muscles. She tilted her head to one side to give him more access and he complied, rubbing her until she nodded that it was enough. He was not joking about his intentions. He took it upon himself to lift her up with one arm and bathe the rest of her, something that shocked her so much she couldn’t protest until it was done.

"For heaven’s sake, Alex, I could have -"

"What? I can put my face there but not my hand?"

"Oh my god!" She turned crimson and looked away as he pulled the stopper, letting the water drain. "I have to wash my hair."

"I’m getting to it, Miss Impatient."

"And I’d like to wash my face. They didn’t get all the dried blood off."

"You’re not supposed to take the bandages off for a couple of days."

"I’m sure you have more." She glanced up at him. "Right?"

"Yeah, but it’s gonna hurt when we take them off."

"I’m a big girl."

"I noticed."


"Hey, the hottest woman alive is naked, wet, and in my tub."

"Yeah and she’s bruised, swollen, and her face looks like it went through a meat grinder."

Alex looked at her face and recoiled. "Oh my god! You’re right! I was so busy looking at your boobs that I didn’t notice!"

She swatted him. "You’re asking for it. Now help me! It’s cold in here!"

He took the bandages off as gently as he could and hissed when he saw the swelling. "Does it hurt?"

The only pain she currently felt was need. "No."

Alex picked up the hand held nozzle and adjusted the water, then flipped it on. He used it to wash away the traces of bubbles that clung to her skin and wet her hair. Grinning deviously, he positioned it between her legs, letting the water thump against her core while he grabbed the shampoo. She slapped him on the arm.

But she didn’t move it.

He shampooed her hair quickly, because she had begun to shiver, and then wrapped her in a huge bath towel, his best one. "You know, when I bought this towel, I never expected to put it to such good use."

"It’s freezing!" As hard as it was to believe, she was more aroused than she had ever been in her life. The pain pill had taken the edge off, but a brand new ache had surfaced between her legs. Damn him, she thought. He knew exactly what he was doing. The water between her legs had almost pushed her over the edge and he had turned it *off*!

Alex recognized raw lust when he saw it. He carried her to the bed, taking his time as he dried her skin. He had to give her credit, she was doing a pretty good job of controlling herself. "I’ll be right back."

Addison collapsed against the bed. It was cool against her skin. It didn’t help the blazing inferno inside her, however. She was *injured*. The last thing she needed was to get halfway there and have the pain flare up. She pressed her legs together and sighed. Maybe it would be worth the pain. Maybe she could still seduce him ...

When Alex returned, he was carrying a first aid kit. Within minutes, her nose had been bandaged again and he stepped back, studying her with satisfaction. "Damn, I’m good."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the massage oil. Grinning devilishly, he poured a considerable amount into his palm, rubbing his hands together to warm it. Wordlessly, he picked up her foot and braced it on his chest, then he smoothed the oil over her thigh, rubbing in slow circles with his fingertips. She watched through hooded eyes as he leaned down and kissed her knee, nipping it softly when he smiled at her.

He worked his way down her calf, massaging deeply. When he reached her foot, she tried to pull away. "Ah ah ah," he said, gripping it tighter.

"Alex, I can’t even have a pedicure! I have to do it myself! I will kick you and not be able to stop myself."

"Kinky." He bit her ankle and began to rub her foot. "You know, there are stories of women actually having an orgasm from a good foot massage."

Addison was biting her knuckle to keep from screaming with laughter. "Not going to be an issue for me."

He kneeled next to the bed, pulling her to the edge. He took a deep breath and gently blew over her sensitive flesh. "What about this?"

Her reply died on her lips. He parted her flesh and captured her sensitive bud with his mouth. His tongue danced against her clit and she rocked her hips as much as she could. His hands were still slick from the massage oil and he slipped one finger into her, then two. She crooned something that sounded like ‘I will kill you if you stop’ and he took her at her word.

Addison tossed her head back, her breasts arching upward. She cupped them herself, tweaking her nipples between her fingertips. "Alex-"

"Let go, Addy. Come for me." His fingers slipped easily into her tight passage. She was wet, so wet and ready. "That’s it, baby."

"Oh god," she cried, jerking against him as he brought her to release.

Her head was spinning. Or maybe the room was spinning. Either way, she was so dizzy she could barely stand it. She tossed her arm over her eyes, shielding them from the light that seemed to be dimming and growing brighter. She rode out the waves of the orgasm with a half smile on her lips. He would be crawling up her body any minute, sliding into her, becoming one with her.

Alex retrieved the leg brace from the bathroom and smiled when he returned. She hadn’t moved a muscle, but her legs were still quivering. He lifted her injured leg and slid it into the brace. "Tell me if I get it too tight."

Her eyes flew open and she pushed herself upright. "We can’t have sex if you put that on me. It’ll be too hard."

He slid it into place and fastened the Velcro, then picked up the massage oil again. "Roll onto your stomach."


"Tonight’s about you. Not me. We’ve got forever, remember? I’ll be fine."

"I want-"


Alex kept massaging her back long after she had fallen to sleep. He’d never been particularly religious. He believed in science, he believed in the Big Bang, but as he listened to her steady breathing he sent up a prayer of thanks to whoever may be listening for sparing her life.

And bringing her into his.


A funny thing happens in a hospital when a doctor has been injured. The staff responds quicker, the chart is moved to the top of the pile, and nurses hover. Callie’s face was sponged free of blood, warm socks were placed on her feet, her IV bag was changed the second it ran out of fluid, and her vitals were taken every hour on the hour. She slept like a baby through all of it, barely moving a muscle.

George felt like royalty himself when another hospital bed was wheeled into the room for him, complete with two pillows and extra blankets. There would be no uncomfortable fold out sofa tonight! He was offered jello, soda, and free run of the coffee and snacks that were kept in the nurse’s lounge. After making sure that Callie was warm enough, that her IV wire wasn’t tangled and she appeared comfortable, he crawled into his bed and tried to unwind.

Dr. Burke had been in twice. Both times he confirmed Chief Webber’s findings, telling George that the bruise on Callie’s heart would take care of itself. They had chatted briefly about George’s father and George was grateful for the diversion. Preston had been in to check on Harold before seeing Callie and was happy to report that everything was holding steady. George realized that he had not been in to see his father once since Callie’s attack. He felt guilty. Just one more thing to add to the pot that held his plethora of emotions.

He had definitely run the gamut of what a human was capable of feeling. Fear over his father, relief that he had made it through the surgery, anger at Izzie, anger at Callie, and finally so much love that it overwhelmed him. Callie was going to be his wife. The strongest emotion he currently felt was elation. She had said yes. Granted, it hadn’t been the most romantic proposal, but it had definitely come straight from the heart. And the end result was the same. They were going to get married.

He slept, his dreams filled with soft, raven hair and the musical tune of her laughter. She ran along a deserted beach, smiling back at him as he chased after her. It was so real, the feel of sand beneath his toes, the fabric of her thin, white shirt when his fingers skimmed against it and he almost caught her. He could smell the sea air, hear the waves crashing against the shore, feel the water licking his ankles. Seagulls flew into the sky behind her and she stopped running to watch their ascent. He caught her around the waist and kissed her neck, tasting the salt from the ocean on his lips. He made love to her in the water, which curled against their undulating bodies as they both cried out their release.

They laid side by side, naked under the sun, their bodies replete. They both wore wedding bands, the gold sparkling in the light. When he looked at her again, her face was obscured by a white veil. He lifted it and screamed. "No! Oh god, no!"

Her throat was cut. She clutched at it, unable to breath, her eyes pleading with him. "George-"

The salt he tasted now was the salt of his own tears and it was jarring enough to wake him up. He was convinced that the cries he heard were his own, until he mind cleared and he saw Callie. She was sobbing as if someone had just killed her best friend. He leaped from the bed, almost doing a face plant because his feet were tangled, and hurried to her side. Sweat covered her face, which was ashen, gray. She shook all over, teeth chattering through her hysteria. "Callie!"

There was no indication that she registered his presence. Her eyes were wild, out of focus. Grabbing her face, he forced her to look at him. He had to shout to drown out her wails. "Callie! Slow your breathing down!"

Her saw her struggle to comply, saw her eyes briefly focus on his. "That’s it. Breathe slow and deep."

She tried to catch her breath, but it was impossible. When she was able to form words, she practically screamed them. "Someone is trying to kill me!"

Dr. Bailey was already on the morning shift. She heard Callie’s cries and rushed into the room, her eyes wide. "O’Malley?"

"She’s having a panic attack."

Miranda grabbed a paper bag from the supply closet and cupped it over Callie’s face, holding it in place even as Callie struggled against it. "Calm down, Callie. It’s okay."

Callie felt like a caged animal being held down against its will. She shoved Bailey away, pulling the IV from her arm in the process. The IV stand topped over, barely missing George, but Callie didn’t see. She had to run, she had to get away from the demons of her past, from the new threat. Leaping off the end of the bed, she made a mad dash for the door, but George caught her. "Nooo!" she screamed. "Nooo! Not again! Not again! Don’t hurt me anymore! Please, Roy! Don’t!"

"Callie! It’s me! Stop!" George looked frantically at Bailey, who pressed the nurse’s button and demanded a strong sedative be brought to Callie’s room. Stat.

The officers, summoned by the screams, helped wrestle Callie back into the bed. It took all four people to hold her down and even then, she thrashed wildly. George couldn’t stand the look in her eyes. She was terrified. He smoothed her hair, rubbed her cheek. "Callie, please."

One of the nurses rushed in with the shot. She saw that the IV had been pulled out and quickly cleaned an area of Callie’s hip, injecting the contents rapidly. Callie still fought, but within minutes her struggles were nothing more than twitches and she closed her eyes. Bailey took a step back, letting Callie’s arm go. She shook her head at George and exhaled softly before she left the room.

George waited until the officer’s returned to their post in the hallway, before he leaned down, resting his cheek on hers. They had been so busy arguing and then getting engaged that neither had addressed the very big pink elephant that was in the room. She had either dreamed about the car accident or had been reliving what Porter had done to her while he slept. Whatever it was ... it had triggered the worst panic attack he had ever witnessed. "You’re safe. I’ve got you," he whispered.

"I don’t want to die."

He raised his head a little, shocked that she was still awake after the high dosage of Versed she had received. "They’d have to go through those two officers out there, then the entire hospital staff, then me. It’s not gonna happen."

"I’m sorry." Her voice hitched, the sobs still so fresh. "I don’t know what happened to me."

"Hey, don’t apologize. It’s okay."

"I don’t want to die," she repeated. "I have so much to live for now."

He noticed the way she slurred her words, the way her eyes rolled a little. "Sleep, Callie."

"I don’t-"

She fell asleep in his arms.

He forgot the fact that he had a bed nearby and crawled in beside her, pulling her against his chest.

Tags: author: burningeden, shipper: alex/addison, shipper: george/callie

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