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Title: Triangles Out Of Squares (1/1)
Author: Chelle Storey-Daniel
Pairing: Mark/Callie/Alex (yes, that)
Rating: NC17
Summary: After operating on cheerleaders, Mark/Callie/Alex unwind the only way they know how.
A/N: I don't like to write smut. And I don't do threesomes, but here it is. :) Blame _nigella_ and callieluvr, my PIC's. :)

"And then I banged two cheerleaders at once. That was the best touchdown I ever scored."

Alex, who was lying on the bottom bunk directly under Mark Sloan smiled at his story. "I had two girls after a wrestling match. I pinned a guy who was supposedly unbeatable. Chicks get off on that shit."

"Chicks get off on a lot. Did you see the way Torres was enjoying the news about Stevens and O’Malley?" Mark sighed. "She could do better."

"She’s a bad ass," Alex agreed.

As if on cue, the badass opened the door, then groaned. "There are no empty on call rooms," Callie said, crossing her arms over her chest. "And since I just stood on my feet for five hours while listening to the two of you go on and on about underage girls ... I deserve to sleep. So, Karev, I’m pulling rank."

Alex simply stared at her.

"Move, Karev!" She stalked across the room and lifted her foot, aiming a kick at his shin.

He caught her leg and twisted, causing her to lose her balance. She fell on top of him and he rolled, letting her spoon against his back. If he remained facing her, she would feel his raging hard on. "This bed’s big enough for both of us. We were talking about threesomes. You ever had one?"

"Great. I’ve walked into a testosterone den." She tugged her hand from his and flopped onto her back. Mark was peering over the side of the top bunk, smiling at her. She kicked the bottom of his bed. "You and your big mouth. Now *everyone* knows about George and Izzie’s problems."

He winked at her. "You’re loving it."

"I am not!"

"Liar!" Both men said as one.

Callie laughed. It started as a giggle and rapidly became a full on fit of hysterics. Alex finally turned and looked at her. "If you piss your pants..."

"I was just thinking," she wheezed. "That the two of them together gives new meaning to ‘put another shrimp on the Barbie’."

They laughed comfortably for a while, finding new and inventive ways to insult George and Izzie. Mark decided that their relationship should be called ‘Gizzard’ and Alex thought ‘Gaggard’ sounded better. Either way, by the time they ran out of ideas, they were all sore and clutching their sides. Callie pillowed her head on her arms and sighed sleepily, "And to answer your question ... yes, I’ve had a threesome."

Mark’s face appeared over the edge of the bed again. This time he wasn’t smiling. "Shut up! Really?"

"A girl never lies about that."

"Was there another girl involved or ... two guys and you?"

"Three girls, actually." Callie smiled when Alex rolled back toward the wall. "Hard on, Karev?"

"Ignore him. Details," Mark said.

He was now hanging so far off the edge of his bunk that she wondered how he was remaining on it at all. With a smoldering look, she met his eyes and said, "Private yacht. I was celebrating my graduation with two close friends. We were drunk and well oiled from the tanning lotion ... which smelled like coconuts and lime. Alejandra was putting it on my back, her hands sliding over my flesh like a rose petal, and then she untied my bikini top and ... Hannah thought it was a good idea to join in. The fact that there was a bachelor party a few feet away ... on another yacht ... and they were all watching ... well, that just made it better, didn’t it?"

Alex’s knee hit the wall.

Mark fell headfirst into the floor.

She smiled when Mark popped up right beside her head. She studied his jawline, which was so taut that it was comical. "Something wrong?"

He got to his feet suddenly and stalked toward the door. She thought that he was leaving, but he simply locked it and headed back toward the bunks. He was walking stiffly and she glanced down at the bulge in the front of his pants and involuntarily licked her lips. It was enough for him ... instead of climbing onto his bunk, he crawled into hers, totally on top of her. He kissed her, one hand brushing her hair off her forehead. When he pulled back slightly to speak to her, Alex rolled over and stared at them with wide eyes. Mark turned her face toward Alex and nodded, "You are sharing his bed, Cal."

Callie pushed forward just a little, just enough to meet Alex’s lips. He kissed her with fervor and her legs tingled when his tongue rubbed against hers. Mark had moved to her neck and she moaned when he nipped her earlobe, then sucked at the sensitive spot just behind her ear. She pushed her hips up against him and pulled away from Alex. "Mark-"

"You know you want to."

She smiled. "I was going to suggest that since you’re in the dominant position ... maybe you’d like to kiss a little lower."

Mark got to his knees and pulled his shirt over his head. It was Alex who untied her scrubs pants and slid his hand inside. Karev wasted no time slipping under the lacy fabric of her panties and dipping into her center. His deft fingers found her clit and he rubbed in a circle, smiling when Mark tugged Callie’s shoes off. Alex left his hand in place as Mark slid her pants down over her hips and tugged them over her feet. Her panties were red and consisted entirely of lace. Alex’s mouth went dry as he watched Mark slip his thumbs under the spaghetti straps and send them flying across the room to join her pants.

Callie sat up, smoothing her hands over Mark’s bare chest. She felt Alex sit up beside her and then four hands were tugging her shirt over her head. Alex unfastened her bra before her shirt was halfway off and she lay back, completely naked while both men gazed down at her. She bit her bottom lip when Alex cupped her breast and whispered that she was beautiful.

It had been so long since anyone thought so.

Mark pushed her thighs apart, kissing her lower belly. Then he moved to her core and ran his tongue along the length of her, watching as Alex kissed her again. Their tongues openly and dirtily dueled and Mark’s own tongue mimicked their actions. Alex reached under her leg and slipped one finger, then two into her tight flesh. With a groan, Callie pulled Alex back down and kissed him again, hungrily, greedily.

She got off when Mark rolled her nipple between his fingers.

Mark continued to lap at her flesh until she begged him to stop, then he got to his knees and glanced at Alex. "Mind if I go first?"

"Not at all." Alex kissed her again, marveling at the plush softness of her lips. "God, you taste good," he told her.

"Yes, she does," Mark replied, pulling a condom from his wallet.

"You’re not supposed to keep those there, Sloan," she told him.

"You do when you’re me." He grinned as he lowered his pants and pulled the rubber on. A moment later, he pulled her leg over his shoulder and roughly pushed into her.

She cried out against Alex’s mouth, clutching at his shirt. Her hand moved lower and she untied his pants, stroking him through his boxer briefs. "Push ‘em down," she told him.

Alex complied and inched forward when she tugged him by his cock. A moment later, the same lips that had mesmerized him moments before were wrapped around him and she was giving him the best blow job he’d ever had. She knew exactly what she was doing and he had to pinch his thigh to keep from coming as he alternated between watching Sloan pound her into the mattress and her blow him.

Mark watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked Karev off. His mouth was dry when her tongue danced against the tip of the other man’s cock and he pulled out of her. "Your turn."

Callie pulled a hand over her mouth as they swapped placed. Alex opened a condom from his own wallet and she rolled her eyes. "Men."

Wordlessly, Mark pulled her from the bed and watched her straddle Alex, who gripped her hips and thrust up into her. Pulling off the rubber, Mark gripped the bed rail and groaned as she licked a path along his shaft before she closed her lips over him. "Oh Christ, Cal."

Alex slammed into her, watching through hooded eyes as she worked her magic on Sloan. His attention turned to her breasts a moment later and he cupped them, feeling their weight as she rocked back and forth against him, frenzied now. She got off for the second time, crying out against Mark’s cock. Unable to stop himself, Alex came hard and a moment later, he knew that Mark had done the same. She didn’t pull away, she swallowed every last drop.

Spent, she collapsed against Alex’s chest, fighting hard to control her breathing.

Alex rubbed her back as Mark sat beside them and did the same.

The men exchanged a look of concern. "Uh, Callie?" Mark asked. "Are you -"

She sat up, Alex still inside her and smiled at him. "Do not ask me if I’m okay. I just blew both of your minds and if either one of you tell ... it won’t happen again."

"Is there a chance that it’ll happen again?" Alex asked, stunned.

"You bet your ass." She stretched lazily, yawning. Nudging Alex toward the edge of the bed, she lay down against the wall and pulled the cover up over her. "I’m still pulling rank, Karev. Get out of the bed."

"The perfect woman!" Alex cried. "She doesn’t want post sex cuddling."

"Screw cuddling." Callie stuffed the pillow under her head. "You two need to go find another room. If you start talking about threesomes again -"

"Yeah, about that -" Mark looked shamed. "I - uh - I lied."

"Me, too," Alex replied, looking at Callie expectantly.

"I didn’t." Callie grinned at the two of them. "You get an A for effort, but Hannah and Alejandra -"

Mark yanked the cover off her. "We’ll go again. I have two more condoms."

"I have three," Alex deadpanned.

She held up her hands, laughing. "Fine! You win! Boys are better. They’re a hundred times better if they let me freakin’ sleep!"


In the hallway, Meredith and Cristina looked at one another.

Callie, Alex, and Mark had chosen the only on call room in the building with an intercom.

And everyone had heard the action.

Envious didn’t even begin to cover how it felt.
Tags: author: burningeden, triangle: alex/mark/callie

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